Creating your own Magickal Correspondences


I have had several people ask me about how I got the information I have in my Magickal Correspondences.  If you have been exploring any Pagan or Witchcraft web sites or if you’ve purchased and read any books, you have no doubt seen Magickal Correspondences even if you didn’t recognize them as such.

A Magickal Correspondence is simply a list that tells you what item has what magickal property.  For instance, if the web site or book you were reading was about herbs, it may have told you or shown you a chart that listed a number of herbs and what their magickal properties are.

Perhaps it showed you that Agrimony can be used in Spells for Protection or Sleep.  Then maybe it indicated that Alfalfa was good in spells for Money or Prosperity.  Allspice is good for Healing, Luck or Money, and so on through all of the herbs that the book or web site was discussing.

Likewise, you may be reading a book about Witchcraft and in that book they talk about using Gemstones in spells.  The book may say that Amethyst is good for Courage, Dreams, Happiness,, Healing, Love, Peace, and Psychism.  Next, it may have told you about Aventurine and its use in spells for Gambling, Healing, Luck, Mental Powers, Money, and Peace.  So the list went on, covering a number of different Gemstones.

As I was reading and learning Paganism and Witchcraft, I came across many different lists and charts like this.  Some people will find a list or chart online, print it out and put it into the Book of Shadows.  Others may copy the list by hand and save it.  Often that’s the end of it.  More web sties may be visited, other books read, but little attention is paid to any of the lists provided because there’s already a list in the Book of Shadows.  The problem with that is that some times different writers have different things on their lists, but if you never compare them, you don’t notice.  I did notice.

Early in my studies I noticed that the lists I ran across sometimes varied.  One list might show two uses for an herb, while another list might show five.  Still another list would show five but three of the five were different from the five I had written down.  I wanted my lists to be as thorough and as complete as possible, so I bought myself a bunch of index cards.

I divided the cards into sets.  I had one set for herbs, one set for oils, one set for incense, one set for gemstones, and one set for colors.

When I found a list of herbs and the spell they were good for, I got my set of herb cards and at the top of each card, I wrote the name of an herb.  Next, I wrote down everything that list said that the herb was good for.  Whenever I found a list of herbs and the spells that they were good for on another web site or in another book, I would get out my herb cards and compare what I had written on them to what I was seeing on the web site or in the book I was reading.  If I had something on my card that was not on the new list, I left it on my card.  If there was something on the list that wasn’t on my card, I added it.  I did this with every web site and book I read over the course of several years.  I did it for herbs, oils, incenses, gemstones, and colors.

By the time I had studied enough to be confident that I’d gathered enough information, my index cards contained information gathered from many, many sources.  I had made, what I believed to be, the most comprehensive Magickal Correspondences possible.

Eventually I took all of my index cards and made by own lists.  I have shared all of this information on my blog.  If you want to use my correspondences, you are welcome to them.  If you have also noticed differences between the sources of information you have studied, consider doing as I did and making your own extensive list that combines the information you find.

Blessings & Peace!  /|\

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