Easy Fairy Dust Wishing Powder


One of the quickest and easiest spells in the world happens with a simple wish.  Wishing Powder can accomplish as much as any other spell when visualization and intention are present.

Because it is cheap and simple to make, requires no knowledge of the magickal arts to use, and is small and portable, Wishing Powder is an excellent gift to share with non-Witches who have won your favor by their interest in magick.    Ideal for Summer gatherings or Yule-time gifts, you are sure to find this sweet spell perfect for family and friends.

Recycle small, clear glass bottles or purchase new ones from a crafts store.  You may want to decorate your bottle with gems, stickers, ribbons, etc.  If you will not be giving verbal instructions directly to the recipient of the Wishing Powder, you will want to tie on a small tag, card, or scroll that explains how the powder should be used.

The powder itself is made up of only two ingredients:  finely ground sea salt and glitter.  You may use any color of glitter you like, but general purpose Wishing Powder is usually crafted with white, silver or gold glitter.

To make the Wishing Powder, you will need:

  • Empty, clean, Clear Glass Bottle
  • Decorations for the Bottle
  • Tag, Card or Paper for Instructions
  • Finely ground Sea Salt
  • Fine Glitter in the desired color
  • A paper cone (instructions below) or small funnel to aid filling, if desired
  • A White, Silver or Gold Candle of any type



To minimize the mess that glitter can make, you can do all of your mixing directly into your bottle.  If you don’t have a small funnel that will fit into the bottles opening, you can make your own paper cone funnel.  To do this, simply set a drinking glass, lid, or other round object that is at least three-inches in diameter onto a piece of paper.  Using a pen or pencil, trace around your round object.


Cut out the circle shape you have drawn.


Fold the circle in half.


Cut the circle in half along the fold.


Roll up one of the half circles, creating a cone shape.  Make sure that you leave an opening in the smaller end that is wide enough for the salt and the glitter to pass through.  Use a piece of tape to secure the cone so that it maintains its shape.


Using the funnel, fill the bottle about 1/3 full of Glitter.


Next, add the Salt, filling to 2/3 full.  Close up the bottle and shake until the Glitter and Salt are thoroughly blended and your mixture is “glittery”.


Add a little more Salt, leaving enough head space at the top of the bottle for the mixture to be shaken again.  Once your Wishing Powder is well-blended, finish decorating the bottle as you desire and add a label, tag or card for identification (and instructions, if desired).

The instructions I include are:

To Use:  Stand outside on a Sunny day.  Pour some Powder into your hand.  Make your wish.  Blow the Powder into the wind, sending it out into the Universe so that your wish can be fulfilled.  Repeat as necessary.


The final step to making this Wishing Powder is to charge and empower it with magick.  Do this using your usual method, or try this:

On the night of any Full Moon, place the Wishing Powder you’ve crafted on your Altar.  Light a White, Silver, or Gold candle.  Hold your hands, palms down, over the Wishing Powder and say:

Wishes and Dreams flow on the wind.

The Universe brings the desired end.

For Goals and Plans have been drafted;

And Wishing Powder has been crafted.


By the Well, the Fire, and the Tree,

Magick flows within me.

By the Fire, the Tree, and the Well,

I cast my magick spell.

By the Tree, the Well, and the Fire,

I gain what I desire.

So Mote It Be!


Let the candle burn itself out if you are using a chime/spell taper.  Otherwise, let the candle burn for 33 minutes more.  Set a timer if you need to.  When time is up, put out the candle.  Your spell is done and the Wishing Powder is now properly charged and empowered.

Save any part of the unused candle to use when you make Wishing Powder again or re-purpose it as a household emergency candle.  Your Fairy Dust Wishing Powder is now ready to be given and enjoyed.


Blessings & Peace /|\



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An Easy Crafty Spellbook


If you are not particularly “crafty”, but you’d like to make something special , here is an easy way to make your own “recipe book” for spell-crafting.  You will need:

  • Any size or type of spiral notebook
  • Decorative papers as desired (computer stationery, scrapbook paper, construction paper, gift wrap, etc.)
  • Decorative trinkets (flowers, bottle caps, buttons, stickers, charms, etc.)
  • Mod Podge or other decoupage glue/finish

I like the thick 150 or 180 page spiral notebooks because they have so many pages for writing, but you can choose a smaller size notebook if you prefer.

Once you have the notebook you want to use, start looking for items you want to use to decorate the front of it.  The notebook pictured here is minimally decorated.  You can use only a few decorations, or fill the cover to the edges.  Decorate your spell book any way you like.

I started with a sheet of computer stationery, which I centered over the cover of the notebook and glued down using Mod Podge.  Make sure you use your fingers to gently press down any “bumps” or “bubbles” that pop up on your paper.  When your paper is perfectly flat, wait for an hour or so and let the glue dry.

When the first layer of paper laid on the cover is dry, add additional layers of paper or stickers, if desired.  Use the Mod Podge for all paper gluing.  Wait for everything to dry thoroughly after each addition of a layer of paper.  When all of the papers you have added to the cover are completely dry, apply Mod Podge to the entire cover of the notebook, making sure that your papers are covered thoroughly.  This “finish” of Mod Podge will protect the papers you’ve added from dirt and tears.  Let the Mod Podge dry completely before proceeding.  Be prepared for an 8 to 12 hour dry time.

Once your cover is completely dry, add the trinkets you’ve collected.  My notebook features a cluster of cloth flowers in the bottom corner.  Decorate your notebook as you desire and you will have a one-of-a-kind spell book that was easy-as-pie to make.

Write your favorite spells or your magickal correspondences inside and you will have a handy reference any time you need to craft a spell.  I use my notebook for magickal correspondences and find it to be invaluable whenever I need to craft a new spell.  Here is what some of my pages look like:


Go ahead and make your own spell book.  It’s fun and your book will be as unique as you are.

Blessings & Peace!


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Politics and Witchcraft

In this 2016 Election season, with a few updates, I want to re-post an old article that bears repeating.

The Witch and Politics

[This article speaks to an American audience, but contains information that all may find helpful.]

They tell us that the two subjects we should be sure to avoid in polite conversation are religion and politics.  Why?  Because people who disagree with each other will fight like wild animals to defend their positions when it comes to matters of spirituality and governance.

If you were not born into a family of pagans or witches, and you have had to come out of the broom closet, you have likely already engaged in a pretty heated battle with your family and friends about your religion, spirituality or practices.   From time to time throughout your life, you will bump heads with those who think that there is something wrong with you and your practices, and you will find yourself defending your position again and again.  This is just how life will be for you.   By now, you have probably accepted this fact.

What about Politics?  Should you be engaging in political debates with friends and family members?  I’ll leave that up to you.  If you feel like a fight, by all means have at it, but you don’t have to make a scene in order to make a difference.  You can be passive-aggressive if that’s the way you prefer to go.  Just go to the polls on Election Day, insist on entering the “booth” alone, and vote as you please (in private).

Some people love to debate political matters.  I’m one of those.  Other folks prefer to avoid conflict and arguments, and I understand that.  Whichever kind of person you are, you still have a duty to yourself and to those you love to be paying attention to political figures and legislation.  What if politics bores you and you’ve never paid any attention to elected officials and legislation before?  My friend, if you are a Witch and/or a Pagan, politics should be very important to you and here is why.

Imagine a Pagan politician who openly practices Witchcraft running for office anywhere in this country and winning.  If you can’t see that happening, then we — as Witches — have work to do.

The wheels of change turn slowly.  There was a time when women were not allowed to vote in this country.  There was a time (not so long ago) when African-Americans were physically separated from Whites in public places BY LAW.  Not long ago, people were publicly persecuted relentlessly just for being LGBTQ.  Women, African-Americans and those within the LGBTQ Community still struggle every day for true equal rights, but things are getting better.  Why?  Because they spoke up.  Because they stood up.  Because they marched and fought for their civil rights.  They continue to fight, and every day things get to be a tiny bit better.

We Witches, too, must take a stand.  True, there is comfort in numbers, and there may not be enough of us out of the closet yet to make a real impact, but every day more and more people join our ranks.  While we wait for the time when we are able to join together as a substantial group, take to the streets and march ourselves, we must make sure that we pay attention to the laws being passed around us and the people making those laws.

We must be diligent and always on the lookout for restrictive laws of every kind.  Anything that restricts freedom, impairs personal liberty, or denies civil rights in any way is cause for concern — even if it’s not your freedom, liberty or civil rights that are being restricted.  If “they” will impede the progress of someone else, they will impede your progress as well.  You know this.  Watch your state legislators and pay attention to the laws they are both proposing and passing.  Don’t hesitate to send them an email or to give them a call when you disagree with the actions they take.  And for the love of the gods, please vote against those who work against you every time you get the chance.

I live in the State of North Carolina.  Do you know that when our State Legislature went to Republican control in 2012, one of the very first laws those “Conservatives” wanted to pass was one that declared that North Carolina was a Christian State?  I kid you not.  The Federal Government had to come in and say “oh, hell no!”  [read about the proposed law HERE].  Just this past year, North Carolina came up with a new monstrosity.   It’s called HB2 and you may have heard of it.  Throughout the country, it’s called North Carolina’s Bathroom Law.  The law makes it a crime for a transgendered person to use the public restroom he or she is dressed for, and instead demands that he or she use the bathroom that matches up with his or her genitalia.

Imagine!  This law means that a biological female who is wearing men’s clothing, and who may be for all outward appearances, totally male; must enter the “ladies room” to use the bathroom if he has not undergone the final step in his transformation to male.   I’m sure that a “man” entering the ladies room won’t cause any ruckus no matter what’s in his pants!   Worse yet, imagine the transgendered person dressed to the nines and presenting as a female.  According to the state of North Carolina, she must use the mens room if she is still biologically a male.  Are there not already enough assaults on transgendered people?  This stupid law is just begging for more!  What I want to know is just where did these august law-makers think that transgendered people were using the bathroom before they made this arcane law?   These examples are extreme, I know, but keep your eyes open.  They’ve probably already slid a lot of craziness past you in your State when you weren’t looking.

Watch out for laws that restrict such simple things as voting.  Pay attention to laws that effect women’s health.  Be especially alert to any talk that leans toward favoring one religion over another — like excusing followers of a certain religion from filling certain prescriptions, or issuing marriage licenses, or baking wedding cakes for certain segments of the population, and so on.

Take the time to get to know who your Representatives and Senators are.  I know that doing so can be boring if politics is not your thing, but it’s truly necessary.  If you don’t know who they are, look them up.  Go to their web sites and Facebook pages and get to know them.  Read their positions on all of the subjects that matter to you.  If they are voting against YOUR best interests —– you should be voting against them again and again until you vote them out of office.

If you just can’t make yourself do this much “work”, at least talk to one of your friends or relatives who is into politics and pick them for information.  Even if their views are different from your own, they can help you stay informed about current issues.  The best way to learn what the “other side” is up to is to spend a little time talking to one of them.  If you are on Facebook, you might also consider “liking” the pages of some of the many groups who make politics their focus.  Reading their posts will keep you informed.

When you don’t vote, you let others make important decisions for you.  Some of those decisions effect your ability to be who you are out in the open.  If you aren’t currently registered to vote — register immediately.  If you don’t know how to do this, ask a family member or friend, or look it up online.  This is an easy thing to find out and to do. Many States have Voter Registration at Libraries and DMV Offices.

If you live in a State where you must register with a party affiliation and you don’t know if you should be with the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, or some other Political Party, do a little research.  A simple Google or Bing search will guide you toward the Party Platform of each Party where you can read what each one stands for and is working toward.

Here’s a shortcut for you.  Just click on the link below and a new window will open, allowing you to browse the Platforms and return here easily.   If you are going to call yourself a member of a particular Party and if you are going to vote for their candidates, then you should at least know what your Party stands for, is working toward, and believes.




If you are one of those people who only votes in the Presidential election, you are missing the trees for the forest.  It is your mayor, your county commissioners, your state legislators, and your governor who create the laws that you live by day to day.  If you don’t know who is making the laws in your state, find out.  See how their politics aligns (or doesn’t align) with yours.  VOTE in your LOCAL elections and KNOW the ISSUES.

The 2016 Presidential campaigns will soon come to an end.  If you haven’t been paying attention, it’s time to start listening, and for you to determine whose goals and desires are in harmony with your own.  On Election Day, there will be other candidates competing for other offices in your state, county and/or town.  As your local candidates begin running their television commercials and mailing you their postcards, pay attention.  Get to know those folks, what they are for (and against) and choose wisely on Election Day.

If we all do this, eventually, things for us will change.  Acceptance of us as a normal part of society will improve.  We will be free to be ourselves without fear.  It won’t happen overnight, but one day —–

It will be our day.

Politics is only “boring” when you aren’t participating, when you don’t know the issues, and when you have nothing you are working toward.  Come on and join me in this deep sea of commotion.  The “water” is just fine and not nearly as dull as you think it is.

Blessings & Peace /|\


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Crafty Witch Spell Cards


Have you ever wanted to cast a quick spell and found yourself dreading the work of combing through your Grimoire/Spell Book to find your favorite spell, or a list of the ingredients you could use to craft a new one?

Spell Cards are a great tool that even the un-craftiest of Witches can create to make spell work faster and easier.  These photos show just a few of the Spell Cards I’ve made.  I keep mine in a small file box at my Altar and use them every time I cast a simple Candle Spell.

My Spell Card tells me everything I need to know when I get ready to work.  Looking at the front of the card, I can see all of the colors I can incorporate into my spell, including the best candle colors.   I always carve my candles with names and symbols before lighting them in a spell, so I find the Ogham symbol on the card quite useful as a guide.  If I want to choose an incense or anointing oil for my spell, the back of the Spell Card lists all of the best herbs.  It will also tell me which gemstones I may wish to lay out around my candle; and if I want to do a Tarot Spell, the right cards for that are listed.  Finally, the spell-speak I need is right there on the back of the card.  No need to write something new or to consult my Grimoire.  Every thing I need to know is right there on the card.  Handy, huh?

Not only do I consult the Spell Card when casting a candle spell, but I also use them when making mojo bags and potions.  If you are a Witch-on-the-go, you could even make a set of Spell Cards and keep them in a drawstring pouch or bag and carry them like you would a set of Tarot cards or Ogham sticks.

Making the cards is easy.  You can use whatever you like to decorate the cards and you can make them as simple or as fancy as you desire.  I’ll run you through my method step-by-step and you can copy me or use my idea to spark your own creativity.  Here we go!

Spell Cards 1

I love crafting, and my favorite is paper crafts.  I make my own greeting cards, scrapbooks and journals among other things.  Because I enjoy this, I always have some specialty papers and supplies on hand.  If you don’t have these things, you can make a trip to your local crafts store and pick out some cool papers and supplies, or you can improvise with items you can pick up at your local dollar or department store.  As I said, your cards can be simple or fancy.  If you happen to be an artist, you might even draw or paint images and magickal symbols onto your cards.

I made my Spell Cards in the standard Artist Trading Card size of 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″, but your cards can be any size you like.  You could even purchase blank 3 x 5 index cards and use them as the base for your Spell Cards.

Spell Cards 2

Looking at the card I created for Money spells, you can see that the background paper I chose has a lot of gold in the design.  You don’t have to use a fancy patterned paper on your cards, but if you do, choose paper that is color appropriate for the type of magick the card represents.

You can write or use your printer to create the word for the type of spell your card is for.  I like a dip pen and dragon’s blood ink, so I wrote the words on all of my cards in calligraphy.  You can do whatever you feel is most powerful for you or within your skill-set.

To make sure that I don’t forget all of the different colors that I can use in my spell, I got some colored paper and cut out circles in all of the colors associated with Money magick.  If you can’t cut out circles, cut squares.  If you don’t want to cut out colored paper, glue on colored buttons or gems.  Even easier — use colored pencils, markers or crayons to scribble on color.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the “star” gem is green.  You don’t have to go out and find plastic gems in star shapes to add to your cards.  I happened to have some, so I used them.  If you looked at all of my Spell Cards, you’d see that I used a variety of gem shapes.  I just used stuff I had on hand.  You don’t have to add any gem at all, but if you did want to feature the primary (or most popular) color associated with the kind of magick the card is for, you could look for colored buttons, brads, gems, stickers or anything else that catches your eye.

The next thing I placed on the front of my card is the Ogham script for the word “Money”.   If I was really smart, I would have memorized the Celtic Alphabet by now, but I’m not and I haven’t, so I find that it’s a nice short-cut having the Ogham written on my Spell Card so I can just copy it.  Yes, I know that some folks would just carve the word “Money” onto their spell candle.  I do that sometimes too.  But, I think that there’s magick in the Ogham, so even if I carve the word “Money”, I also carve it in Ogham.

You will notice that with the Money Spell Card there are actually TWO cards.  When I made my Spell Cards, I planned to write the spell ingredients and the spell-speak on the back of each card.  This worked fine for most of my Spell Cards, but with Money, Healing, Love, Protection and a few others, the ingredients list was just too long.  I couldn’t get all of it to fit onto the back of the card for anything.  So, . . . with a few of my Spell Cards, there are TWO cards.  Luckily, my cards are the same size as collectible sports cards — like Baseball cards.  That being the case, I was able to find plastic sleeves that are intended for use with Baseball cards and I slipped my Spell Card and the second “card” into one of those.

Spell Cards 4

If I ever update my Spell Card collection, I might consider cutting the base of my cards larger and folding them in half like a greeting card.  I think that would give me plenty of room to write and it would enable the card to stand up on its own.  You should experiment and see what works best for you.

Finally, on the reverse of my Spell Card (or in this case, on the reverse of the second card), I have written the spell-speak I’ve composed for my spell.  Like many Witches, I have a variety of spell-speak that I use depending on the situation.  Some is short.  Some is long.  Some rhymes.  Some doesn’t.  Some is more like a prayer/petition.  Some is more of an affirmation.  I decided to use affirmations for my Spell Cards. You should chose whatever form of spell-speak you think is right for you.

Spell Cards 3

So, there you have it!

Think about these Spell Cards and consider whether or not you could use a set of them for yourself.  I love mine!  If you are not crafty, don’t let that stop you.  Just like your Grimoire, these Spell Cards are just for you.  How they look is nobody’s business but your own.  Go all out or simply take some index cards and write!!!  Either way, you’ll have a useful tool that you will use over and over again.

Blessings & Peace /|\



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When Your Spells Don’t Work


This may surprise you, but indeed — there will be times when your best spell-casting efforts fail.  There will be times when you cast a spell and it just doesn’t work.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen all that often.  Most of the time, you will craft and cast your spell and see the result of your effort within a very reasonable amount of time.  On the rare occasion, you may even cast your spell and see almost immediate results.

We all know that most magick isn’t immediate.  We are taught to expect that the majority of our spells will take a moon cycle to manifest.  More complicated spells and those that involve more people, situations, or “moving parts” to fall into place may even take several moon cycles to come to fruition.

Even though we know that spells take time, we can become impatient when our need is great.  If our impatience gets the best of us, it is okay to for us to cast our spell again.  In fact, it is not uncommon for a Witch to cast a spell for healing or money or love two or three times before something tangible is seen.

What if we cast several different types of spells for a particular thing over a period of time encompassing a number of months and we never see even the slightest hint that our magick is manifesting?  What then?

Sad to say, perhaps you are not going to get whatever it is that you desire.

How could this possibly happen to a skilled Witch?  Well, there could be many reasons why your magick is failing.  Consider these possibilities:

  • Your Spirit Guide/Higher Self is preventing you from making a mistake in the Mundane World that will hinder or harm your Spiritual progress.  Spirit Guides will rarely interfere with your free will, but if you are attempting to do something that will really and truly harm your spirit or hinder otherwise good progress on your Spiritual Path, this can happen.  The thing to remember here is that it is really you who formed the plan for this particular life and your Spirit Guide is actually following your instructions and helping you to stick to your plan.
  • The Spirit Guide/Higher Self of another person is protecting him or her against your manipulation.  If you are casting a spell meant to bind, hinder, enslave, or alter the will of another person; his or her protectors may be blocking you.  Consider this point:  If you have properly cast protection spells upon yourself and your environment, your own protectors do the same thing for you and prevent others from casting spells to manipulate you into doing things against your own will.  If this type of spiritual protection is a good and desirable thing for you, then surely it is good and desirable for others.
  • Perhaps another Witch has cast a binding or hexing spell on you.  Not everyone who practices Witchcraft knows it or calls themselves Witches.  Think about that.  There are a lot of people out there in the world who call themselves everything from devout Christians to affirmed Atheists who with their minds alone can cast the evil eye and all manner of ill upon a person.  A family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker could be whispering spells in the form of prayers or thoughts against you.  If you think that this could be the case, then a good cleansing ritual and hex-breaking spell followed by a strong protection spell is in order.

It is rare that your spells fail because YOU did something “wrong”.  If you cast your spell several times over the course of several moons and nothing positive happens to show you that your spell is progressing in the direction of your will, then it’s time for you to sit down and think about your motivations and reasons for casting the spell in the first place.

If you think that it is possible that someone you know has hexed you or is simply wishing you ill, then perform a good cleansing ritual on the next New Moon.  Once you have cleansed yourself of all negative influences, cast a good hex-breaking spell; and if possible, craft or obtain a charm against the “evil eye” and wear it or carry it with you at all times.  Sleep with it under your pillow at night if it is not in the form of jewelry.  On the next Full Moon, cast a strong protection spell to prevent your adversary from doing anything that can harm you in the future.

Once these things are done, consider whether or not you wish to proceed with your original spell-casting.  If you still desire the thing for which you were casting your spell, craft a new and different type of spell and cast it when appropriate.  If you are casting a spell to gain something, then cast your spell on the next Full Moon.  If you are casting a spell to rid yourself of something, then cast your spell on the next New Moon.  Know that when you cast your spell, it will be successful this time because you have cleared all of the old obstacles and hindrances.

If your spell was one directed at another person, consider why that persons Spirit Guide/Higher Self might be blocking you.  Even if your intentions are “good” and your spell was a positive one, your spell-casting may be “bad” for the person you are working for/on.

There is no doubt that any spell that binds or manipulates a person can be “bad”, but sometimes we think that so-called “positive” spells are “good” and that they are in no way harmful, when sometimes they can be.   Think about it.  You don’t even know the full extent of your own spiritual path.  How can you know the path of another human being?

Perhaps when that person was in spirit form in the Otherworld and mapped out this life on Earth before he or she incarnated into human form, he or she intended to die a slow, painful death in order to teach love, patience, compassion, etc. to someone else for that persons spiritual growth.  Maybe he or she intended to experience poverty for a period of time in this life, so he or she planned a job loss or some other financial catastrophe.   Maybe he or she needed to experience loneliness or bad relationships.  You don’t know what they may need to experience for their own spiritual progress.  If your spell was directed at another person for whatever reason — whether good or bad, let it go.  Move on and leave it alone.

If you have not shared your spell or desire with any other person, and if you know that you are not socializing or working with anyone who wishes you any harm or who would block your spell work in any way; consider why your Spirit Guide/Higher Self may be blocking you.  The answer doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you believe that you reincarnate and experience many lifetimes in order to learn lessons that help you progress spiritually until your spirit becomes one with The Source/Great Spirit/God-Goddess, then perhaps your spell is simply not good for you.  Maybe it goes against the plan you made for this life.  Perhaps it would cause you to miss the lesson and have to repeat this particular life plan all over again from start to finish.

Since you don’t come into this world remembering what you planned for this life while you were in the Otherworld, you just don’t know.  Thank the gods, your Spirit Guide is on the case looking out for you!!!  Since people can be so sneaky and conniving, and maybe there was someone working against you that you’d never even suspect, go ahead and give your spell another shot once you’ve completed a cleansing ritual and cast a hex-breaking spell and put a ring of protection around you and your environment.  Cast your spell one more time.  If it does not manifest, let it go.  Accept that for reasons you are not privy to, your Spirit Guide thinks it’s a bad idea; and if your Spirit Guide doesn’t like it, neither should you.

Whenever you cast a spell, you must have confidence that your spell will manifest.  As I stated at the beginning, it is rare that your spell work will fail; but if it does, do not allow yourself to succumb to the negative thought that you have done something wrong in your spell-casting.  In all likelihood, it’s not you.  It’s that nasty Witch plotting against you and casting the evil eye your way, or — it’s some Spirit Guide watching out for you or someone else.  In either case, be wise enough to know when to call it quits.  Leave that failed spell and the ideas and intentions behind it alone and find another objective to focus your attention on.

Blessings and Peace,


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If you have been following my blog or reading any of the spells I’ve offered here, you may have seen the term “Witch’s Cabinet” used and wondered what I was talking about.  I’m not the only Witch who uses the term, but admittedly, it’s not very common.  Personally, I like it, so I use it.  I prefer it greatly to just saying “supplies” or “ingredients”; especially when I’m talking about spell work.

A “Witch’s Cabinet” is not necessarily a cabinet at all.  The term may invoke childhood memories of storybook illustrations of the witch in the woods reaching into a cupboard in her cabin or hut to obtain some magickal ingredient for a spell.  This is the imagery the term is meant to invoke.  As a Witch practicing Celtic Folk Magick, you might like to envision yourself as that Witch in the woods in a previous life.

Actually, the “Witch’s Cabinet” is the place where you keep the majority of your magickal supplies and ingredients wherever that place may be.  It could be that you really do have a cabinet under your Altar or somewhere else in your home where you keep your Witch stuff.  Perhaps the majority of your supplies are tucked away in a kitchen cupboard or in your pantry or linen closet.  Maybe you’ve purchased shelving or a bookcase to keep your ingredients visible and easily accessible.  It could be that you’ve found it to be most convenient to keep your supplies in a chest, foot locker, plastic tub, tackle box or tote.  Whatever the case, any of these “places” or  “containers” can be your “Witch’s Cabinet” if they hold the items you need for ritual and spell work.

So — whenever you see me mention your “Witch’s Cabinet” you now know that I mean that you should go to the place where you keep your Witch stuff wherever that place may be.

Blessings & Peace /|\


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Basic Spell-Casting in the Celtic Folk Magick Tradition

Basic Spell-Casting


You will want to keep good Spell correspondences where you can see all of the possible magickal ingredients available to you.   I keep complete correspondence charts in my Grimoire, but I also keep a Spell Book where each page is devoted to one particular type of spell.   There, I can simply look for the type of spell I want to cast (such as “peace”) and quickly see all of the “ingredients” I can use for that purpose.   Here are several pages from my spell book so you can see what I mean:




Your Grimoire/Spell Book should always be within reach since you never know when some problem or issue may present itself and demand your immediate attention.  As soon as you see or become aware of a problem and have tended to it (as much as possible)  by mundane means, you should ask yourself these three questions:

  1. “What kind of spell is best for this particular situation?”   By “kind” I mean, will you cast a spell for Banishing, Healing, Love, Money, Protection, or what?  You might consider the current Moon phase when you make this determination.

  2. “What do I have in my Witches Cabinet?”  (tools, ingredients, supplies)

  3. “What form should my spell take?” (see below)


Candle-burning spells are often the quickest and the easiest types of spells to cast.  All you need is a colored candle and off you go.  If you don’t have a colored candle, you can even use “white” in a pinch.  You can draw in color from other places (like burning the candle atop a colored piece of cloth or drawing words onto the candle with a colored marker like a Sharpie).

The next easiest type of spell you can craft is a Stone-Charming spell.  This kind of spell consists of choosing a Gemstone that has properties in line with the type of spell you are casting and filling it with your “intention”.  This can be done with or without a candle-burning spell and the charmed stone is then carried as a pocket stone to “draw” or “repel” as directed.

Sometimes you may want to make a Mojo.  This charmed bag may contain all sorts of magickal items from gemstones to herbs, to seeds, nuts and roots, to charms and trinkets.  The Mojo can be crafted as a spell alone or it can be part of a larger spell with a candle-burning or other things.

Closely related to the Mojo is a Poppet.  Whereas the Mojo is a simple bag, pouch, or tied-up cloth, the Poppet is shaped like a human being.  Like the Mojo, the Poppet contains all sorts of magickal items.  In addition, it may be crafted to look like the particular individual it is crafted to represent and it may contain items that belong to that individual.

Magickal Baths can be spells.  You can make your own herb infused soaps, salts, oils, lotions and powders that can turn a simple cleansing activity into a magickal experience designed to draw money, prosperity, healing, peace, romance, and similar desireables; or to remove or repel negativity, excess weight, illness, shyness, anger, or other things.

Spells can take the form of food and drink.  Magickal teas are often crafted and drank to effect certain outcomes, but food dishes, particularly stews, soups, and casseroles can also be prepared magickally and enjoyed while visualizing a particular outcome.

Some Witches are Potion-makers.  They craft magickal oils, powders, incenses, and elixirs that may be used alone or with other items as spells.  Those who enjoy making candles can also craft them with herbs and oils infusing them with a particular kind of magick.

Almost any common item you can think of can be charmed with magick.  A bandana or piece of clothing dabbed with a magickal oil or herb-infused tea can become a magickally charged garment.  A tool rubbed with a drop of magickal oil can be made magickal.  Any item washed with herb-infused water (tea) can take on the magickal properties of those herbs.

Scent alone can magickally charge or transform a space and effect every person and thing in it.  Scented candles, sprays consisting of essential oils added to distilled water, and incense can be used to accomplish this.

You will not be able to choose from every type of spell every time.  A person who lives in a place where they can’t burn candles or incense will have to choose a different type of spell.  A very young, very old, or handicapped person may not be able to take a magickal bath.  A person with certain dietary requirements may not be able to eat or drink a spell.  You will have to learn how to look at the problem or situation and the people involved to determine what is the best form your spell can take.  Once you’ve done that, you will know how to choose your spell ingredients.

Timing matters in spell-casting.  The evenings of Full Moons and New Moons are the most excellent times to cast spells.  If you have some need or desire that can wait on the Moons appropriate phase to arrive, you should wait.  If your need is more urgent, you can cast your spell using the Moon energy that is available.  If you do this, be mindful of the current phase of the Moon and craft your spell accordingly.

For example, if you need to cast a money spell, but the Moon is Waning, cast a spell to Banish your bills instead.  Fewer bills means more money stays in your bank account.  You increase your assets, only in a different way.  Likewise, you can use a spell to remove obstacles when the Moon is Waning and you want to find a new love or to better your relationship with a current one.  If you need to cast a spell to stop people from gossiping about you, and the Moon is Waxing, cast a friendship spell.  Gossip falls on deaf ears when it is told to a true friend.  Once the Moon phase is Waning, follow your up friendship spell with a spell against gossip.  Whenever the current Moon phase is not right for the type of spell you want to cast, be creative and consider other types of spells that can aid in your quest to accomplish your goal.  Learn how to turn a positive into a negative and a negative into a positive.

Before you begin your spell-casting, make sure that you set up your Altar or workspace with everything you will need.  While no big tragedy will befall you or your spell if you have to leave your Altar to go and get something while you are in the middle of your spell work, having to do so breaks your concentration, takes away from your focus, and can mess up your visualization.  If you do have to stop and grab something you forgot before you finish your spell, take the time to concentrate on your desire and retrieve your full visualization before you go back to work.

Your spell can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.  You may cast a spell once and consider it “done”; or with difficult cases, you may cast the spell multiple times, and over the course of many days.  If you feel like the spell will be more effective through repetition, you should lay out your plans for this as you are planning your spell and gathering your ingredients and materials.  Plan to cast your spell once, or once a day for a certain number of days; typically 3, 7, 9, 13, 21 or 33.

When repeating a particular spell, usually only portions of it are done over again.  Sometimes only the Chant, Affirmation or Invocation is repeated.  At other times, the spell candle may be lit and extinguished multiple times before it is allowed to burn itself out completely or is disposed of.  Mojos and Poppets may be refreshed through anointing them with Blessed Water or a magickal oil a certain number of times before it is hidden away, disposed of , or destroyed.

Decide how often your spell will be cast or renewed when you’ve determined the form your spell will take.  For example, a potent money spell may be cast once and left to manifest.  A love spell may be strengthened and manifest more quickly if it is cast fully once, partially over the course of a number of days or moons, and if tokens, Mojos, or Poppets are refreshed through anointing with some frequency.  Determine what you want to do, how often you want to do it, and when you will do it every time you decide that you will cast a spell.

The most important thing to remember is that when you craft a spell, you call the shots.  You determine the type of spell, the form it will take, whether or not Deity will be invoked, whether you will cast the spell within a ritual, what ingredients you will use, what type of spell-speak you will use, and how simple or elaborate your spell will be.  Don’t worry about how other people craft their spells.  Craft yours the way that works for YOU.

Additional Considerations:


As polytheists, we call on many different Celtic deities (both male and female) in ritual and spell work.  When spell-casting, that means that IF we decide to invoke a deity to aid us with a spell, we choose a deity who is skilled in whatever we are casting a spell for.

We do not have to invoke a deity to cast a spell.  Every human being is naturally endowed with magickal power and energy.  Sadly, most are convinced from childhood that they are powerless; and, that they must rely on the compassion and mercy of some deity possessing supernatural powers whenever they have a need or a problem.  Even some Pagans continue to believe this.  Some Witches know that they possess magickal powers of their own, and they learn how to direct energy to accomplish their goals and to obtain their desires without dependence on others — mortal or immortal.

This is not to say that we are arrogant or that we avoid invoking deities in our spell work.  On the contrary, we most certainly do from time to time.  The point I want to make clear is that invoking deity is not always necessary or desirable.  This is because we are Animists.

As Animists we believe that every natural thing — water, earth, metal, plant, rock, tree, etc. — has its own unique spirit, energy, and magickal power.   Since the power lies within our magickal ingredients, they are sufficient by themselves for our spells.  For this reason, we don’t believe that we must petition a deity for assistance every time we want to cast a spell.  Both deeply spiritual witches and those who aren’t very spiritual at all can practice our type of witchcraft.

If you are a particularly spiritual person who likes to invoke deity for anything and everything, you will no doubt want to continue this practice in your spell work.  That’s fine.  Invoke deity in every spell if you like, or only on rare occasions and in the most serious of circumstances.  When you do, or do not, call on deity to aid you in your spell work is up to you.

Just like every natural thing has its own unique spirit, energy and power, each deity has his or her area(s) of specialty.  If you are going to call on a deity to aid you in your spell, you will want to make sure you call on the right one.  If invoking deity to aid in spell work is something you intend to do, then you should do your own research and see what information you can find out about their personalities, magickal skills and abilities.  Everybody has situations and that come up in life from time to time when they may wish to invoke the aid of a higher power.  If you find yourself in a desperate situation, you may find comfort in knowing that a deity is working magick with you.

When invoking and petitioning a deity, remember to bring an offering when you ask for your favor.  Your offering may be a coin, a piece of jewelry, a trinket, nuts, grains, foods, wine, beer, a gemstone, or almost anything you think that the being you are working with would like.  You may place your offering in an offering bowl on your altar, bury it in your garden, or simply pour it onto the ground.  Offerings are important.  They are our modern-day “sacrifices”.  While the world will not end, nor calamity ensue should you forget to offer something when you ask for a favor, it is just good manners to do so.  If you constantly ask for favors and never give anything in return, you may find that the beings you are soliciting stop listening.


The minute we decide that we will cast a spell for some thing, such as “peace”, the intention of “peace” takes over our magickal minds.  When we consult our list of ingredients that are good in “peace” spells, we are thinking “peace”.  When we go to our Witches Cabinet (our supplies) and select an Amethyst gemstone (for example) to use in our spell because we know as Animists that Amethyst has peaceful energies, we do so with the purpose and intention of “peace” in our minds.  That Amethyst is “charged” with the “intention” of “peace” the minute we pick it up with the plan of using it in our “peace” spell.  In that moment, and throughout our spell, that Amethyst is charged to draw “peace”.

This is how our intention works hand in hand with Animism.  According to most magickal correspondences, Amethyst is helpful in spells for many different things, including: Warding off Thieves, Aiding in Sleep and Dreams, Healing and Health, Love, Happiness, Peace, Overcoming Addictions, Psychism, and more.  If we select that same Amethyst stone while having the intention of using it for a Dream spell, then that’s the property that will come forth and become dominate in the gemstone.  Most of the items in your Witches Cabinet will be useful for more than one type of spell.

The most important thing to remember is that when YOU craft a spell, you call the shots.  You determine the type of spell, the form it will take, whether or not Deity will be invoked, whether you will cast the spell within a ritual, what ingredients you will use, what type of spell-speak you will use, and how simple or elaborate your spell will be.  Don’t worry about how other people craft their spells.  Craft yours the way that works for YOU.

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